Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pixar Appreciation

I’m ashamed to say that I only just got round to watching Toy Story 3. I know, I knowww, it was out last year! I can’t believe it. I’m a die-hard Pixar fan too.

I have SO much appreciation when I watch these movies. Not only do I think they are entertaining, but visually they are stunning. I think we all can agree that when we saw Finding Nemo that our jaw’s dropped at it’s vibrant colours and textures. The detail they put into their movies is immense - Sully’s fur, the food in Ratatouille, the scenery in Cars, the grass… Everything about Toy Story 3 when it comes to aesthetics is completely perfect. Pixar just get better and better when it comes to this! I loved the way they did the rooms too at the Daycare and Andy’s room – just amazing! There’s even a scene where Andy is about to put the toys in the attic, he is standing at the staircase and you can even see the gloss paint strokes on the banister. The detail is unreal. I have so much appreciation for how long it must take to put movies like this together and I would love love lovvvve to get even get a chance to just stand and watch this kind of work happening – just to be able to peep over someone’s shoulder would be the coolest thing ever.

Check out the detail on Woody's clothes....

And the fur on Lotso bear....

I loved Toy Story 3 and was even teary eyed at the end. I think Pixar have a way of creating the most charismatic kind of characters with such bold personalities that we all have our favourite from whichever new movie they release. We all had our favourite in Finding Nemo, just as we all had our favourite in Toy Story , The Incredibles, Monsters INC and so on. I think they have a way of really capturing the hearts of people of all ages – I’m not ashamed to say that I’m 24 and have a Mike Wasowski teddy.

Toy Story 3 rocks!!! 

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