Sunday, 3 July 2011

First year over! Reflection.

I can’t believe I’ve already come to the end of my first year of uni! It’s completely flown by - the tutors said it would. How right they were! It makes me nervous but feel even more motivated for the second year and everything that has to be packed into it before we leave or decide to take top up years (which so far I plan to do) 

In the first year we were said to experiment and find ourselves, explore new software and get a taste for different types of animation and find our own style. I feel as though I’ve done that, plus found a direction in which I want to take for the second year. I feel strongly that I would like to go down the concept art route of ideas generation and character design and really get stuck in to the core of the project, instead of being ‘the’ actual animator. I’ve always loved illustration, I love creating characters and making them come alive with personalities that can be reflected by expressions and great story-telling. 
So what have I learnt this year? 
A lot! I came to this course having never used any animation software before and not really knowing how much the design process involved, also I’d never used Illustrator before. I now know how to do all of those things, as well as picking up other skills like being able to communicate and work within a team, working towards deadlines, time management and being involved and outspoken in production meetings. Learning new skills has already given me confidence, and I’ve already got some work experience lined up for the summertime. I’m really excited about that!! Things are looking good! 
What will I be doing over the summer?
As well as getting myself a job (like most of us poor students!) I’ll be trying to get more work experience with animation companies, particularly working in the design/concept process if I can. I’ll also be updating my blog, working on my portfolio and also attempting to polish up on my first animation piece until I think it’s portfolio-worthy. 
Wow. A year over! The second year will fly by, I can see it now! But I’m looking forward to working harder, being challenged, getting out there and being even more professional. 
Schoooooool’s outtt….for….SUM-MER! …. Ok. Maybe not ((opens Photoshop))

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