Thursday, 14 July 2011

Woo I got the Diesel job!

I didn't even mention that I applied, but I did, and I got it! Initially I just wanted something over the summer where I could get a bit of money in whilst I was on summer break, but it's almost definite I'll be staying here permanent for now. It's all good though, the staff are lovely! I feel like I've known them for ages! They've all been really friendly and really welcoming. Each is passionate too about the brand, and I just love being surrounded by happy positive people who are motivated. It's a really nice working environment to be in.

So I just thought I'd mention the job because I was just flipping through one of their style booklets and it got me thinking about their window displays (this was something I mentioned in my interview) I just love them! I love how they capture, entice you in and really give you a taste of the new collection before you even step inside of the store.

Take a look....This one is amazing....!

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  1. wooooo congrats!!! So pleased you got the job and its perfect. Sounds like a great place to be and their displays are really great, edgy and urban and just really eye catching. Nice pic, very rural- and tree's!!! yay.