Monday, 14 March 2011

DVD Title Menu

Over the last couple of days we've been putting together layout stills in Photoshop for a DVD menu. This DVD is to be our portfolio showreel that we'll send out to potential clients and employers eventually. That moment is closer than I thought too - we were reminded today that we only have ten weeks left of the first year! Insane!

Initially for my menu I went for something very Tim Burton orientated. He is without doubt my favourite artist so I'm always looking to him for inspiration. I like a lot of melancholy type art actually - there's something about it that draws me in...but more on that later I'm sure!

So here is my initial idea for my DVD menu....

After I put it together on-screen I thought...hmmm, this relates well to my first animation, but this DVD has to show other pieces of my work also, so maybe I should redo it in a style that still represents me but one that is less specific to a particular piece of work. So that's what I did...

I love the scrappy, journally, handmade look (I keep a journal myself and have done for years) so that's what I went for. The screenshot above is my homepage, and below is the screen you are taken to once 'showreel' has been selected. 

The doodle in the middle is an elaborated drawing of a tattoo I have on my wrist. So all in all I wanted this DVD menu to represent me and I feel like I've done that, so I'm pleased with it! It has a few more screens, but I picked out the best ones to show here =) Hope you like. 

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  1. I love the designs for this. I really like the original design but seeing how much it developed to the other one which stands out more, is fantastic!! Its such a good style and works really well. It ties in a lot of your styles and quality without it being just one look. Looks brillaint!!!