Sunday, 13 March 2011


Heyyyy blogger people =) 

My first post! Ideally I should of started this at the beginning of my course, but instead I was blogging on another site. I'm preferring this one a lot better! I could copy and paste everything from there or just recap on things that have been going on with me since I started my course in September....which I'm going to do.

Sooo....I study at The Manchester College and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) the university is where I have my Contextual Studies lectures and the college is where I do all my animating and designing. So far I've completed the first and second unit with a first and a 2.1 which I'm so pleased about! 

This was the first piece of animating I'd done not just as part of this course, but ever. It was put together on After Effects and I went for the hand-made approach so I made all the parts before hand - the characters and backgrounds etc before I took them on-screen. It was fun getting to see the character I'd drawn and designed come to life - always something I'd wanted to know how to do! 

Hope you enjoy! 

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  1. Yay you have a blog!!!! That animation is incredible and for your first ever- SO impressive. Really fantastic style which combines a lot of my faves, especially a hand made look. Can't wait to see more work!!