Saturday, 19 March 2011

Potential movie poster

Today I've been working on a movie poster for the film I did a title sequence on for my last project. The movie I chose was Slumdog Millionaire. 

For inspiration first I looked at existing posters for the movie and then looked at traditional Bollywood posters. I chose to go more for the traditional Bollywood hand-made/painted style poster because it best conveyed the style of my title I'm not so strong on the graphical side of things...yet.

I used scanned in textures and a drawing I did then put together my poster in Photoshop using lighting effects, overlays and brushes. 

One of the textures I used was a high quality photograph of my bag, which I overlayed with other textures.

Below there are two versions of my potential poster. I went through a lot more, developing them along the way but these were the best two I think. I'm not sure of my final choice yet, but I'll probably be changing things around more before I make a decision. 

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