Saturday, 9 June 2012

We've handed in!!

We said goodbye to our models this Friday (but only for now!) they're in the hands of the examiner who will hopefully see all the hard work we've put in to them.

The last few days were manic in preparation for the big hand-in, but the day before was the ultimate GO GO GOOOOO!! I needed a sketchbook cover, packaging for my doll and a storyboard, not to mention trying to get through the mountain of PDP paperwork that was required!

Pretty proud of how my sketchbook cover turned out. I did this by using regular brown postage paper and some other kinds which I screwed up and dipped in water and PVA glue, paper mache style! I hadn't done this in yearrrs! It was fun! Then I added some finishing touches using brown embroidery thread.

I had fun making Alfred's packaging using same method as I did with the sketchbook. This was originally a Converse box! 

I just cut it up!

This was something I drew up initially for the packaging. I had the idea of making it look like an old luggage trunk with travel stickers and buckles. I was going to use brown leather-looking material to cover the box but when I added the stickers (vector-made) it didn't really look as good in real life as it did in my I gave it a miss and freestyled with the brown paper instead! 


  1. Really cool packaging and great concept art.

  2. Thanks Jeff! Really enjoyed doing it!