Thursday, 17 May 2012

Back from Burton's exhibition!

It took a while to find it - the Paris metro isn't the easiest thing to find your way around on, but we got there eventually! My boyfriend waited patiently while I walked around slowly absorbing the wall fulls of awesomeness from the pen and ink that was Tim Burton's artwork. To be able to see his pencil lines up close instead of on a screen or in a book was incredible!

It was absolutely AMAZING and I left feeling so inspired! Unfortunately they wouldn't let you take pictures inside which I was really disappointed about but I managed to get a photo with the big inflatable Toxic Boy outside!

The day we decided to go into Paris, it was windy and raining and we didn't fancy seeing the city whilst huddled under an umbrella so we went back to Disneyland where we could atleast be under shelter whilst we queued for some of the rides. We were already there the day before when it was really warm! The sudden change in temperate was like being back in Manchester! Luckily the rest of the days there were sunny.

A few snaps taken on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc-S. No photoshopping! It's the first time I've used it properly and was blown away with the quality!

A few shots of the park from a height...

The Disney Village lake looking beautiful on a night time

I adore this kind of decor! 

Adventureland - One of the most beautiful parts of Disneyland 

Iconic statue of Mickey and his creator 

I just love silhouette shots

Happy happy holiday! 

First time in five trips that I've managed to get a picture with Mickey Mouse...and it came out blurry lol

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