Sunday, 6 May 2012

ON goes his head!

Time for another blog update because guess what....?! Alfred's head has now been attached to it's body!

And here he is, looking slightly petrified in his armchair! The wall behind him is unfinished so please excuse that and the fact you can't see his slippers because they weren't attached at the time!

I also took a couple of family snap shots! The amazing doll on the right - Beatrice was created by Cheryl Walker, as was the one eyed cat, Angus. Cheryl also took a drawing by Stiobhart and created Charlie - the boy in the background with currently no mouth and no trousers (ahem!) Innocence was created by myself - currently in need of some mouths and a hairbrush! Alfred was also made by me also! These models will all be finished up soon!

Here we have the happy couple! 

Annnd the not so happy couple...


  1. They look good together, the characters really fit each other.

  2. Thanks Jeff! Just like a real couple is what we were aiming for