Saturday, 28 April 2012

Trial and errors of Alfred's head! ... Part 2!

Let me update you on Alfred's head, number 2 (with a few lessons learnt along the way!)

So this time after I'd screwed up a foil ball like with the first head, I made sure that I pressed in with my thumbs for the eye sockets. After I smoothed it all out, I baked it at 90c (fan) for 10 minutes. 

Then I gave him a nose and put him back in the oven for another 10 minutes on 90c (fan)

Next I gave him a chin and some ears and put him back in the oven. Now we have a much more realistic looking Alfred.

When you compare the two you can see the difference. Since Alfred is supposed to be a skinny character, the face on the right works much better. 

Next up was the eyebrows. I took some of the messiest fluffiest material ever and glued it onto two pieces of card, building it up in stages until it looked more bushy n less tamed. I was going to glue a piece of wire to the back of the card and then slot it into the face so the eyebrows would be moveable but then...DUN DUN DUNNN...

It broke! And yes...that's the tool I tried to do it with (to the right of the picture) Now Alfred had to be botched up, so with a bit of Blutack I stuck his eyebrows on!

Ta-dahhh! All fixed up! And now it's time for a few expressions. I'm still not sure about these, but for now they're looking a little something like this...

More to come soon!!


  1. The heads looking good, I like the way the eyebrows came out.

  2. Thanks Jeff! Not too bad considering it was like trying to make malted dog hair into some kind of eyebrow looking shape. By the way...that is NOT malted dog hair hahaha!