Monday, 17 October 2011


This is the ‘other project’ I’ve mentioned. I am sooo excited for this one! 8 of us are coming together to work and produce a stop-motion film, which will be roughly ten minutes long. The topic was open, so we could do whatever we liked. We had lots of ideas, but the one we liked the best was the voodoo one! (Dare I say…it was my idea) which I’m quite pleased about hehe, especially since I had a lot of strong visuals in my head at the time. Then we all developed on it and added all kinds of bits and pieces, tweaking it until we had a good storyline. 

Sooo…let me roughly set the scene! ...

The movie is going to be set in the 1950’s. We’re thinking drab, dull, sepia sort of colours. There are two children, a little boy – 11, and a little girl – 7. They’re staying at their grandparent’s house. The house is old, Victorian, and decorated with furnishings and objects ranging from 1920’s-1950’s. We’re thinking gramophones and little war-time radios, crackly music, old pictures on the walls and granddad’s polished medals! (Which are his pride and joy! … But I’ll tell you more about the characters soon) There’s not much to do whilst visiting your grandparent’s, so the little girl goes off to explore, teddy bear under her arm and ends up in the attic. This is where she discovers something among Grandad’s old junk – voodoo dolls! 4 of them! She starts to play with the dolls as any child would – making them walk, bobbing them up and down….meanwhile downstairs grandma’s knitting is up in the air and she’s knocking against the ceiling! And Grandad’s ‘shhh’ing’ her because he’s trying to tune the radio to see when the German’s are coming….until his head comes off that is. Basically, they all die, butttt it’s done with humour, hehehe. So in the end the little girl goes downstairs to show them the interesting looking dollys she’s found and there she finds her family are splattered all over the house.

Thhhhheeeee Ennnnnnnd. Beautiful, isn't it? Hehehe.

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  1. This sounds beyond crazy good!!! What an amazing idea and story and the characters themselves too. Sounds like it's gonna be so visual and a really strong and beautiful piece. The time setting of it too is just perfect, the interior is gonna look fab! Can't wait for this little beauty!!