Sunday, 3 July 2011

New Project!

A day off is never really a day off when you’re designing. 
A few days ago we were given our new project - Unit 4 of our first year.Information Graphics. 
In four weeks we have to produce a piece of Information Graphics using Flash (DUN DUN DUNNNN!! Haven’t used it before!) It can be anything from instructions on how something works, to a world issue. I’ve chosen to do my info graphics piece on junk food and the bad effects it can have on children. 
So far what I have in mind is a piece about junk food that’s aimed at children and read by a child. For this I’m going to use my little brother to do the voice over. 
Right now I’m getting together facts and statistics on the percentages of junk food consumption in children and then once I’ve collected enough research and data then I’m going to think about the imagery that I can combine with that to get across the message I want.
Off I go! 

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