Sunday, 3 July 2011

May Update! Unit 4 handed in

Hey! I’ve not written anything for a few weeks so I think it’s time to update.
Welllll, unit 4 is over, my Infographics project was handed in on Friday. Deadline days are always manic. The classroom volume goes up by a million decibels and everyone is frapping. Frapping…is that a word? Microsoft didn’t underline so I guess so.
Unfortunately I handed my project in before I got a chance to take any pictures of my sketchbook to upload onto the blog. I was planning to put my storyboards on here, but other things took over. What I did manage to get though is a few screen shots…..(at the moment the video is too large to upload. I need to compress it) 
My Infographic was a piece aimed at students that are living away from home possibly for the first time and experiencing uni life and (for most) a bad change in diet. The satisfaction of mum’s home-cooking is no more and students are now out to fill their own shopping baskets. I tried to show how you can fit in 5 a day and that it’s not as expensive as you may think. I did this by using a compare and contrast method, for example - comparing the contents and goodness of a smoothie to the price and negative effects to a pint of beer (like in the third screenshot) 
The animation in total is 1min 30seconds and although I’m happy with it, I do see room for improvement, as always, but if I didn’t feel that way then I’d never be challenged…and that’s how we progress. 

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