Saturday, 29 June 2013

EIGHT months since I've updated...!

Wowww! An update is LONG overdue! I last posted almost 8 months ago! Shocking.

So what’s been going on? I’ve finished my degree! I’m waiting on my results now and keeping my fingers crossed that I have ‘atleast’ a 2.1 coming my way. I can definitely say I tried my best.

Since I last posted, I’ve completed two main uni projects and done some personal work also, which I’ll get to.

During these months I’ve had to do a lot of future planning/thinking and making decisions on what it is I want to do and think about how I’m going to get there. At the same time, being realistic.

My dream is to be a children’s illustrator – books, apparel and that kind of thing really interests me. As a children’s book illustrator, I’m very aware that I have a long way to go, but I do believe I’m capable of getting to that place where I feel I could go on to approach agencies and publishers with my work.

Whilst I’ve been figuring out the next step for myself in terms of my future career plans, I’ve been incorporating my work, giving it an educational meaning. I’ve been interested in teaching for a while now, and so I decided to target my last few degree projects around the teaching environment, creating an educational activity pack as well as a educational book, which children can learn from and they can do so in a fun way. (I’ll post these in separate blog entries)

So myself as of now…I’m currently absorbing inspiration from all around me and wanting to do something for myself – a self set project with no deadlines attached where I can explore my drawing style and not have to worry about getting it handed in on-time. Sounds good to me!

So, let’s show you what I’ve been up to!

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