Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Third year starts NOW...well, yesterday actually

It all started on Monday! This third year is going to be gone by the time I know it! 4 modules, 8 months - GO!!!

After we got past the cheesy "My name is Donna and I...yadda yadda" out of the way, we talked more in depth about our specialisms and where we hope to be after we've received that special little scroll with our name on (along with the silly outfit we'll be wearing!)

I hope to go into children's illustration in the future but I'm also planning on taking a PGCE course after this so I can get a teaching qualification. At the moment I'm thinking of teaching at a primary school level but I can also see myself enjoying teaching college students. Teaching college students would allow me to be involved more in a specific area, because teaching at a primary level wouldn't be specifically art based - it would be all subjects. Saying this, whichever subject - be it history or english, art is incorporated into a lot of it, encouraging children to learn through hands-on and visual ways. One of my favourite things I got to do at school was in History where we learnt about Greek mythology and had to draw and design masks resembling greek gods.

Speaking of this, we've already been asked to research and find a suitable client for this year that relates to our career path. Since I'm wanting to do children's illustration and also teach, I've been thinking about combining those and approaching different schools and organisations to see if I can produce something that serves an educational purpose to encourage learning within a specific subject.

...so watch this space! I'm going to look into this.

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