Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lord Ganesh

I've been doodling away recently, drawing up mini illustrations of the Hindu god, Ganesh! At the moment I'm deciding which one to develop between the one on the left and the one on the bottom right. The one on the bottom looks kind of serious in an intense stare sort of way, but the one on the left looks gentle and compassionate. I need to think about what I want to say with this piece of artwork before I decide on which one I want to go for.

This was a little experiment, mixing the two together, but I think I prefer the eyes of the one on the left better than this one, even though I tried to soften it a little by using eyelashes. Ganesh is male, but if you check out the way Hindu gods and goddess are portrayed, they have the same face whether they are male or female! 

There's one important thing I've stupidly missed out from this doodle! Ganesh has 4 arms, not two! DOH!

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