Sunday, 1 July 2012

Practise! Practise! Practise!

I feel like I'm learning to draw all over again!

For years I've drawn freehand but just recently I've sat down with books and online tutorials which explain how to draw by using construction shapes that lay underneath your main drawing (usually red or blue in colour) I've tried this in the past, a long time ago, but I didn't really spend enough time ton it to really be able to grasp the method. That's now about to change! ... I hope. No, it will! I'm determined to do this!

Sooo like I said, I've been looking at books, gathering inspiration and really trying to get my head around this method of drawing. The main books I've been looking at are by Tom Bancroft who has produced many illustrations ranging from comic book drawings to designing characters for Disney movies such as Aladdin and The Lion King (two of my all-time faves!)

Click here for links to his books...

Creating Characters With Personality

Character Mentor

I highly recommend both of them if you're looking to develop your illustration skills in expressions/poses and structure of the body/face. What makes these books stand out for me is the way Tom explains things in depth and really makes sure that you have an understanding of the position of different parts of the body and the poses - the pupils for example. He is amazing and such a fantastic artist! I love his work.

So, I'm on my journey to drawing characters using construction shapes and lines. I can't tell you how many bad drawings I've done along the way (I'll save your eyes from those!!) Here are some of the better ones....

This is probably the first time I've ever tried to draw the male structure (left) I've always drawn females (possibly because I find them to have a more defined shape with the hips and waist) 

This little guy has a lot of flaws but he's one of the better ones (so far!)

This is a drawing I did following a tutorial by Peter Elmslie 
I wanted to take an online tutorial because I find it easier sometimes to be visually 'shown' how to do something rather than reading instruction. Although, I do like a bit of both! I generally think reading something helps information to sink in. 

This one is also from a tutorial by Peter Elmslie

And this one is my own little creation. I'm going to call her Sapphire! She needs a lot of work, but here she is so far. This is only the initial drawing, but by baring in mind Tom Bancroft's ways to push a personality and pose, this drawing will probably change quite a bit along the way! 

...And now, time for some drawing! 

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