Friday, 15 June 2012

Bye bye second year!

That's it! We've had our final show. The location could have been better but hey ho...! This was all practise for our big 3rd year exhibition next year (and this time it's graded!)

With barely any time to prepare for this show, I arrived early with the sculpey buttons I'd made previously, a 2-meter sheet of sack material, lots of string and other arty bits and pieces having no idea what to I just had to freestyle and hope for the best! Not the BEST thing to do, but there wasn't much choice, especially when your told you have to have it ready by 12:30 (which turned out to be untrue because we then gained a couple of hours)

The 'quiiiiick, come up with something!' moment

Some kind of backdrop had to be made, (unless we wanted to put our work on the wall) so I quickly made this up thinking 'thank god we're working in a handmade rough style!' because it allowed me to work quickly without worrying about it looking too rough - that was the style! 

Since we were only supplied with velcro to put it up with (I know, I know...) it kept falling down. In the end we managed to hunt down some screws and fix it to the wall. Originally our work was stuck using velcro, but it didn't prove very good so we had to stitch them on instead. We could have done with shifting everything up a bit but at that scale, trying to shove a pin through a piece of hard board while being told to hurry and get your work on the wall was kinda hard. 

Various props that we arranged

Nice little touch! Our label made by Cheryl Walker 

So after all of that, Cheryl and I attended opening night. It was nice to hear so many lovely compliments about our work and to be asked for interviews too! And....

...We're already thinking about our third year show! 

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  1. Wow great job, especially for the time you had! Talk about pressure! The buttons look fab, lovely style for it and great idea with the sack material. So much better than a plain backdrop.