Friday, 13 April 2012

It's coming together!

It's been a while since I updated - work, uni, essays, day to day life and all that other sha-bang has got in the way! But here's a few bits and pieces I've been making since I last posted! ....

Jam tarts!

A mouse for Angus the cat to play with (when he's not slobbed out on the rug)

Random objects. A clock for the kitchen, Alfred's jar of mint humbugs (super fiddly to paint arrrgh!!) a pair of binoculars (still need to make the strap) and a stacker toy, which will be in the attic. Do you remember these??

Typical things to find in a grandparent's house - a shopping list and a drawing for the fridge. Grandparent's always keep your drawings don't they! 

A couple of work tops and cupboards for the kitchen. I had fun with teabags and charcoal making these! The cooker is going to be made separately and go in-between. They look like they need a good scrub...just the look we were going for!

Kitchen pieces! (minus the mouse!)

AND we started to decorate! (the left wall anyway, minus the pictures in the frames) excuse Alfred's headless armature to the bottom right there!

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