Thursday, 23 February 2012

Project Innocence! Pre-Production is GO GO GO!

It's arriiiiived! Unit 9! I've been waiting all year to have the official green light for this project, and now systems are GO! I'm working in a team of five people as set designer, character designer, prop maker and script writer. These are big roles and a lot to take on, but I'm absolutely loving it! I'm lucky enough to work with two very good friends of mine who I've wanted to work with for a while now. You can check out their blogs here....

Cheryl Walker
Ashleigh Hutchinson

I've spoken about it before, but I'll just do a recap! Innocence' is the working title for a stop-motion movie myself and four others are working on. It's set in the 1950's about a little girl named Innocence who goes with her brother to stay at their grandparent's house. Innocence loves to explore and the story follows her into the attic where she comes across a box of voodoo dolls! Little does she know, whilst she's playing with the dolls that these are representations of her family. Had she of known that, she wouldn't of been pulling their arms and heads off! She's unaware of everything that's going on until she goes downstairs to show them what she found and finds her family splattered about the house! Mwahahaha!

So after a long time talking about this project and scribbling out ideas, it's exciting to now see things coming together in real form. Check out these props Cheryl made!

Alfred's chair! 

The making of the set! The next stage is to fit hardboard around the edges so we can then put up the wallpaper. Then we'll add the furnishings before we can move them in! 

Lil biddy jam jar made by myself, with real jam - and that odd bit of butter that somehow seems to get in the jar. Whoops!

The fireplace in the making! I did this with two pieces of polystyrene covered in a brick work type paper I found and thin pieces of wood painted with acrylics. 


  1. I'm enjoying seeing your set come together. Very cool!

  2. Thank you so much! The main official blog for it is here...