Sunday, 15 January 2012

'Turn Back Time'

At the moment I'm working on a project for Kilogramme called 'Turn Back Time.' 'Turn Back Time' was a title sequence for a tv show with celebrity guests who would talk about their lives and discuss what they would and wouldn't change.

Here's the original Kilogramme title sequence... 

I love it's graphical style - the vector art, the character design, the composition and the way they really give depth to the screen. Kilogramme are especially good at this! Check out their showreel here

Soo...initial thoughts - how could I visually interpret turning back time? Clocks, cogs, winding objects anticlockwise, life status symbols, showing the ageing process, hourglass timers... I settled on the idea of showing the ageing process and different stages of life with russian dolls!

Since I'm now the proud owner of a Wacom tablet (which I LOVE!) I used that to create the vector dolls in Adobe Illustrator. Here is the full set...

(From left to right) Newborn, baby, child, geek, goth, punk (let's call this the 'finding yourself' stage) graduate, chef, footballer, rockstar, bride, groom, sophisticated woman (not too sure about this one) the mum-to-be and the old guy.

The punk and the geek!

The aesthetics for the animation are pretty much done. At the moment I'm playing around with the storyboard, which I'll be posting soon, so watch this space! 


  1. Such a great range of character designs, all so strong and fun. Really nice style and very sleek!