Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sneaking in some voodoo!

Although the voodoo project is supposed to be on hold until after Christmas. I've still been doing sneaky little bits here and there when I have the time. 

I've given Innocence a different dress! The change in dress was because myself and a few others thought she looked a bit too 'posh,' and had a very Christmassy feel to her. I think it was the maybe the colour - a very rich and royal red. Although she still looks prim and proper with the new dress, I think it's more fitting to the style and colour scheme of the animation. Plus, plaid says '1950's' a lot more! 

And...I've given her a bigger head! I wanted to exaggerate her - not overly, just enough to make her more stylised.

By the looks of this presentation, I've been watching way too much Coraline! 

Oh, and I drew up some more Alfred's! 


  1. The textures on these are just amazing, so perfect for the style and era. The grandad is such an amazing character, he looks like he's from a top animation film already! So much personality in these!