Monday, 3 October 2011

October update

I have a few projects I'm working on at moment. The first is illustration based which is so far so good, and the 2nd one is something I'm verrry excited about and will be posting about soon!

So, the illustration project. Just something small between now and when the real things start to kick in this year. The illustration had to be about Manchester. The brief asked us to think about what Manchester meant to us and sum it up in a visual. This could be graphic design, photography, hand-drawn...anything we fancied. I love hand-drawn and Photoshop, so that's what I chose and here's what I've put together so far....

(Baring in mind it's not finished yet) Manchester to me is a vibrant student city, so that's what I wanted to portray, hence the bright colours....

The green negative space is going to have a graduate cap at the bottom, which will be upside down. Out of the graduate cap will be an explosion of images representing professions, for example - paints, brushes and pencils for an artist, a stethoscope for a doctor and notebooks for writers and journalism....

At the moment I'm drawing up the images, so watch this space and I'll update when I've finished this piece!

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  1. Really can't wait to see this piece finished, its looking fab already! The city scape is brilliant- so much detail and it's so vibrant. Really bold and beautiful. x