Sunday, 30 October 2011


Innocence is here name...chaos is her game!

...Except she doesn't know that until she goes downstairs to find her family dead after she plays with their voodoo doll replicas! Buttttt I'm getting ahead of myself here ;)

Here are some of her expressions I put together yesterday....

So far they're pretty simple. She's going to be made into a stop-motion model in a few weeks time. Since I have no experience at model making, I'm keeping them simple for now so it's just a case of changing her eyebrows and mouths where needs be, otherwise I'd have to have multiple heads for extra exaggerated expressions. I would love to do it, but lets go one step at a time. I'm determined to get there eventually though!

Oh, and here's a little more on Alfred! ...


  1. Alfred- he is just so great!!!! You've captured everything so perfect with him, its amazing. Loving the expressions for Innocence, lovely colours too. This is going to look incredible.

  2. thanks for the awesome comments donna! this looks amazing!!!! the characters are fantastic and the story is right up my alley! cant wait to see more!!! (:

  3. Thanks so much Ashleigh and Evan!! I'm really excited about this project! More updates coming soon!!