Sunday, 3 July 2011

A good start to June!

We had an assignment due recently which was set in three parts. One of those parts included researching into an animation company of our choice that was based in Manchester. I’d heard a little bit about Kilogramme – a company founded in 2005 who have grown rapidly, working with the likes of the BBC, CBBC even Disney. After looking around their website and watching their showreel on vimeo (see here ….. ) I watched some of their short films. This one I loved in particular – It’s called Bon Appetite.
I love the aesthetics and narrative behind this and it’s something that I could see myself being involved in. This kind of work and styling always grabs me! 
 Check it out!
 So…During my assignment I sent an email to Kilogramme letting them know I was interested in the kind of work they do, and asked them if they had any work placement/shadow opportunies coming up. Why not! I figured it was worth a shot. I was really happy to receive an email back the very next day from Jon Turner asking to see some of my work! I sent a few sketches, plus the very first piece of animation I put together this year. The email was followed up by constructive criticism and the offer of possible work experience when they have a desk available! So Jon has told me to keep in touch. Very excited! In the meantime I’ve sent him some character design sketches that I drew up, which I thought I’d post here too….

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